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QA the old way

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QA with the AI Supercoach

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QA the old way

Automated Quality Checks powered by AI

Increase the quality of your operations with real-time video guidance that guards against human errors. This ensures only high-quality parts move on to the next step mitigating scrap and rework costs. All quality issues are video captured so it is easy to review performance and identify opportunities for improvements. This data can be integrated with other systems for a comprehensive view of Quality & KPIs.


Gain Manufacturing Insights

Improve output quality and gain insights you need to eliminate the root cause of quality issues. Collect info on defects, images for visual quality inspections, and product work orders.

Realtime Notifications

Quality issues are displayed on a local touch screen and signal column in real-time. Integration with paging and other network systems is supported so operational and production management can receive remote notifications immediately.

Video Capture Genealogy

When proof of quality is required, complete video capture of the assembly process and correctly completed steps are available. This is the highest fidelity of quality assurance and genealogy proof available.

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