The AI Supercoach enables you to capture your critical knowledge and train skilled manufacturing workers in just hours.

Capture Expert Knowledge

AI Supercoach is an on-prem, vision system for manufacturing. Once installed, our AI Supercoach uses live video to capture the assembly process being performed by your experts. The AI Supercoach can then teach anyone in your organization the assembly process and the videos become your standard work instructions.

Scale Fast

The AI Supercoach standardizes work instruction across your organization, making it easy to replicate assembly know-how at other manufacturing sites, as well as flex workers at current facilities from different production lines to fulfill surges or back orders.

Train Rapidly

Take a worker from shipping today into production tomorrow. New factory workers are productive in just hours as the AI Supercoach provides real-time, continuous training.

Multiply Efficiency

Training that took weeks now takes days with AI Supercoach. There is no need to take skilled workers offline to perform this training so overall productivity levels are not impacted during training.

Total Operational Insight

Essential operational and training data is processed by AI, and provides reporting and insights. This makes it easy to review performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Data integration with other systems is possible with APIs providing a comprehensive view of operations.

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