Tech Visionary and Cybersecurity Expert Ben Johnson Joins Rapta Inc’s Board of Directors

Rapta Inc, a pioneering force in revolutionizing quality control and training for US manufacturing through its industry-leading AI platform, proudly announces the appointment of Ben Johnson to its esteemed board of directors.  

Ben Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for co-founding Obsidian Security and Carbon Black, both of which played pivotal roles in advancing the cybersecurity sector, brings his wealth of experience to Rapta Inc. His entrepreneurial journey, marked by success and innovation, extends beyond founding companies. As an investor, advisor, and board member, Ben has been instrumental in propelling tech companies forward, steering them away from common early-stage challenges.  

“Since day one I have been impressed by the Rapta founders, both with their vision and their ability to execute. They have brought to market a game-changing, innovative AI solution to drive the manufacturing industry into better quality and better margins. Joining the board is a privilege, and I look forward to celebrating many milestones with the Rapta team,” Johnson said. 

In his distinguished career, Ben made significant contributions to national security, excelling as an intrusion engineer for the NSA. His expertise played a critical role in missions involving the NSA, CIA, and the DoD, emphasizing innovation, speed, and precision. Ben’s commitment to national security endures as he continues to serve as a technical advisor to the US FISA Court.  

In addition to his contributions to the business and security realms, Ben is deeply committed to the non-profit sector. Currently leading as the president of NGO-ISAC, he addresses the cybersecurity needs of US-based non-profits. Ben actively participates on the boards of various local community organizations, exemplifying his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the corporate sphere. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Ben Johnson to the board of Rapta Inc. His unparalleled experience in entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and national security aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Aaron Brown CEO and Co-founder at Rapta Inc. 

Rapta Inc’s industry-leading AI platform is transforming quality control and training in US manufacturing, setting new standards for efficiency and precision. With Ben Johnson’s strategic guidance and expertise, Rapta Inc is poised for even greater success in reshaping the future of manufacturing technology. 

Ben Johnson resides in Newport Beach, CA with his wife and three sons, balancing his professional achievements with a commitment to family and community. 

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