Our Values

Our values provide a north star to ensure, each and every member of our team are exemplifying these principles every day.

Ridiculously easy for customers

To collaborate with our team, implement our solutions and select Rapta as their partner of choice for applied AI solutions. 

Move with speed

By taking ownership of decisions, seeking clarity when needed and feeling empowered to move quickly and effectively. 

Seek massive impact

By thoughtfully and resourcefully delivering innovative solutions that have massive, positive, and measurable value for our customers, partners, and our team. 

Lifelong learners

Committed to humbly executing our craft with a hunger to keep learning and growing our skills.  

Community builders

Seek success for our fellow team members, customers, partners and those in our care. Strong communities are trusted, create opportunity and have the most impact.

Authentic communicators

Know that expectations for how we interact are unique to every human. Context matters, we assume good intent and seek to clarify differences through dialog that makes us stronger.  

Embracing our differences

Makes us stronger and more resilient. We seek to better understand each other’s unique and valuable perspectives with desire to support and see others succeed. Disagreement is essential to the innovation process, and we strive to understand the perspective of others to find a common path forward. 

Continuous Improvement

Of our work and our products by raising the bar and driving teams to deliver higher quality products, services, and processes. We must plan to stop, review and improve to ensure that defects do not get sent down the line and that problems are fixed so they stay fixed.