Multiply productivity across your organization by integrating our AI Platform with your enterprise software

Leveraging AI on the Edge

Helps manufacturers solve critical training challenges in real time while ensuring the quality of the work being done. Our systems have API’s to make data available, so the front office and the factory floor can synchronize with data captured by our AI Platform.

End-to-end integration

Connect our AI Platform to your existing infrastructure with our API’s including systems and machines that power your operations. Connect from the automation system all the way up to the Enterprise software such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource & Planning).

Informed Decisions

All data streams are actively analyzed and are correlated, so it easy to review performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This data can be integrated with other systems by API for a comprehensive view of your total operation.

Ready to Integrate

Integrate the AI Platform with automation systems you already use like Rockwell and Siemens to synchronize data off the factory floor by API.

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