Deep Learning AI is our DNA

Rapta’s highly configurable AI platform automates the deployment of AI for manufacturing, inspection, training and process control. Our AI Platform replicates how the human eye and brain work together to enable our AI to understand diverse manufacturing tasks. Our platform includes multiple concurrent AI models for specialized tasks including correct mechanical assembly, verifying correct text on parts and labels, connected tools and part orientation. By combining these specialized AI models with augmentations for lighting, color and placement variation, we achieve human level performance for validating electro-mechanical assemblies. 

How it Works


Deploying our AI Platform is fast and easy

Installing our AI Platform into your existing manufacturing environment is fast and easy and includes:

  • AI Platform software
  • AI Computer
  • Industrial POE Camera(s)
  • Gantry
  • LED Lighting
  • 22″ Touchscreen User Interface

What makes Rapta different

Rapta has revolutionized the AI model training process with its intuitive visual setup tool which learns your proprietary assembly techniques from just a few correct and incorrect examples. We automatically generate the AI training set in just in few minutes including augmentations to accommodate varying lighting, color and physical geometry. This approach contrasts starkly to traditional vision systems, which take weeks to months to train and require thousands of manually captured images and skilled engineering labor to achieve similar results. 

Our AI Platform learns new manufacturing assemblies in minutes

Each assembly step is represented by a visual tile empowering users to easily string together intricate manufacturing processes. Steps can be added, deleted and moved visually with full version control. Rapta’s visual no-code interface captures both correct and incorrect examples of every manufacturing step. This enables the AI model to learn and understand the difference between correct and incorrect, thereby validating strict adherence to your manufacturing process. 


Continuous Training and Quality Assurance

Once deployed, the AI Platform delivers continuous training and quality assurance in real time ensuring work is being completed correctly. At this point Supercoach is ready for connection to your other business and enterprise software via API.


Integration with your other business software

Our AI Platform can integrate by API with your other business software multiplying business efficiency and productivity. Reach out to our customer success team to find out how our platform can help solve your toughest challenges.

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