Rapta supports the Ridgefield CAPS program

Rapta a leading on-premises applied AI software company, is supporting the Ridgefield school district CAPS program by deploying our AI Supercoach in collaboration with IT3. The AI Supercoach is an innovative AI-powered tool that helps teachers and students improve learning outcomes by providing personalized feedback and support on STEM and technical subjects. 
The Ridgefield school district is a K-12 public school system located in Washington State that is committed to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the 21st century. The district’s CAPS program is a career-focused program that allows students to explore different career pathways and gain real-world experience in a variety of fields. 
The AI Supercoach is an ideal tool for the CAPS program because it provides students with real work experience training the worlds most advanced AI tools for modern manufacturing and provides real time coaching and feedback based on their individual needs and learning styles.  
One of the key benefits of the AI Supercoach is that it frees up teachers’ time, allowing them to focus on other important tasks like lesson planning and student engagement. The AI Supercoach can provide students with personalized feedback and support, which means that teachers don’t have to spend as much time providing one-on-one support to each student. 
Another benefit of the Supercoach is that it helps to level the playing field for students who may not have access to as much support outside of the classroom. By providing personalized coaching and feedback, the AI Supercoach can help these students stay on track and achieve academic success. 
Overall, the successful deployment of the AI Supercoach within the CAPS program of the Ridgefield school district is a testament to the power of AI in education. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide personalized coaching and feedback, students can achieve greater success in their academic and career goals. We can expect to see more schools and districts adopting similar AI-powered tools in the future to help students succeed.