Rapta Inc and DWFritz Automation, a Sandvik company, Announce Partnership to Deliver AI-Powered Copy Exact Build-to-Print Solutions

WILSONVILLE, Oregon, April 11, 2023 – Rapta, a leading provider of AI-powered copy exact panel validation and digital traceability solutions, has joined forces with DWFritz Automation, a leading supplier of Engineer-to-Order Automation and Build-to-Print Services, to offer customers advanced copy exact manufacturing solutions.

Through this partnership, Rapta’s innovative AI Supercoach for Copy Exact panel and wiring verification system will be integrated with DWFritz’s Build-to-Print Services, offering customers a complete end-to-end solution for delivering state of the art copy exact manufacturing.

“By combining our respective areas of expertise, we can deliver a comprehensive solution to help customers manage the increasing complexity of copy exact manufacturing,” said Aaron Brown, CEO of Rapta. “Our advanced AI-powered verification system combined with DWFritz’s Build-to-Print Services will enable customers to achieve greater levels of accuracy, reliability, and overall project savings in their Build-to-Print projects.”

Rapta’s AI panel builder solution, known as AI Supercoach, offers a unique approach to panel and wiring verification by visually analyzing every step of the manufacturing process with AI to eliminate errors and guide the operator in real time on correct execution. This approach ensures that any deviation from the original design is detected in real time, eliminating rework, QA inspection, and extensive time to commission onsite.

“We are very excited with this partnership as our customers have been asking us to provide a way to capture photos and videos of assemblies and to automate QA/QC traceability in the form of a digital traveler to validate copy exact manufacturing. Rapta’s solution will enable our customers to receive 100% validated products at their door and improve their production efficiencies,” said Mukesh Dulani, President of DWFritz. “Furthermore, this also enhances the technological capability of our Build-to-Print business by putting us ahead of the conventional exact build paradigm, helping eliminate manufacturing quality issues.”

About Rapta Inc

Rapta Inc is a leading provider of AI-powered Copy Exact Panel wiring and digital traceability solutions for a range of industries. Its innovative solutions enable customers to achieve greater levels of accuracy, reliability, and project savings in copy exact build-to-print manufacturing.

About DWFritz Automation

DWFritz Automation, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, is a leading global provider of high-precision automation solutions for advanced, high-volume manufacturing. The company designs, builds, and supports engineer-to-order automation systems and high-speed, non-contact metrology products, as well as providing world-class build-to-print manufacturing capabilities to clients. DWFritz Automation is now part of The Sandvik Group.

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