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Coaching configuration options

The following coaching mode settings can be configured on the Coaching setup tab including:

  • Enable Step timer: This controls display of the step time count down displayed on the coaching screen.
  • Enable Step Complete Banner: This controls the display and duration of the thumbs up face at the end of successful step completion.
  • Enable Chime on Step Completion: This controls the chime played on successful step completion.
  • Enable Incorrect Action Chime: This controls the chime played when an incorrect action is detected.
  • Enable diagnostic mode: This mode displays additional information to the user during coaching including the live camera feed plus the AI predictions being made by Supercoach.
  • Autostart new coaching job: This mode enables the start of the next assembly coaching once the last is complete. This is useful for continuous manufacturing and requires no job restart by the line worker.
  • Enable Alignment AI (V4.X +): This model enables auto-alignment of the camera to the target assembly.