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How to configure a new camera

During the setup process, each industrial camera requires a unique name identifying the device and correct configuration of the Camera’s IP address. Rapta uses the camera vendors configuration tools to correctly set these fields, the example below is for Basler.

  1. Download the pylon IP Configurator from:
  2. Connect your laptop or PC to the local Rapta switch and set your device to have the following IP address:
  3. Run the pylon IP Configurator application and you should see a list of available cameras per the screenshot below.
  4. By default the Basler cameras come supplied with DHCP as the default mode, this needs to be changed to “Static IP”.
  5. Configure the IP address and Device User ID per the able below.
CameraIP AddressDevice User ID
First camera192.168.86.251RAP_CAM_01
Second camera192.168.86.249RAP_CAM_02
Third camera192.168.86.248RAP_CAM_03
Fourth camera192.168.86.247RAP_CAM_04
Fifth camera192.168.86.246RAP_CAM_05

Important notes:

  • The Gateway field does not need to be set, this is optional.
  • If you set duplicate IP addresses or device ID’s the system will not function correctly.

Example pylon IP Configuration

The following is a screen capture from the pylon IP Configurator app.