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Editing with Visual Revision Control

Our Visual no-code revision control for manufacturing offers a seamless solution for managing manufacturing work instructions. Now you can visually track and document revisions of your assembly work instructions, production workflows and manufacturing variants. Steps can be added, deleted and moved as you manage the production lifecycle. With visual representations of version history, stakeholders can efficiently collaborate, identify modifications, and ensure adherence to quality standards.

How to Move a Step

  1. Click on the move icon on the step card.
  2. Select the new step number this will become.
  3. Select OK.

How to Delete a Step

  1. Select the trash can icon on the step card.
  2. Confirm you wish to delete this step.

How to Add a new Step

  1. Click on the ADD STEP button on the right hand menu.
  2. Walk through the new step creation process and the new step will appear at the end of the assembly.

How to change Revision

  1. Select the Assembly Revision drop down in the top right corner of the assembly.
  2. Select the desired revision and the UI will automatically update.

How to Delete the Assembly

  1. Select the DELETE ASSEMBLY button from the right menu bar.
  2. Confirm YES you wish to delete the assembly.