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Installing a Connected Torque Wrench

Rapta’s AI platform supports connected torque wrenches that are wired, wireless or electric drive with digital outputs. This example uses the Tonichi QSPCAMS6N however any brand of torque wrench can be connected if they have a way to signal that the desired torque has been successfully reached.

Tohnichi QSPCAMS6N limit switch type torque wrench

The Tohnichi wrench contains a switch that closes when present torque is achieved. The diagram below shows a schematic representation of how the wrench is connected into the GPIO of the Siemens IPC520a computer.

When purchased from Rapta, we supply a pre-made cable harness that enables the Tohnichi wrench to be connected to the AI computer. If you are connecting your own device you will need to ensure you supply the pull up resistor and ground reference to the AI computer which are essential for this feature to function.

Connect the other end of the wire harness to the IPC and 24v power supply.

Torque Wrench Harness GPIO Connections on the IPC520A